CydeClops Productions Fashion provides an outlet and channel for boutique and couture designers to expose their designs. Mixed with our events, campaigns, and marketing plans, designers will not only have a face to their brand, but they will have a creative and bold strategy to get their designs in the forefront of people's minds.

Fashion Needs
  • Test marketing
  • Models
  • Samples
  • Trunk Shows
  • Fashion Shows/Events
  • Branding thru music/entertainment
  • Exhibits
Exhibition/Exposure Process
  • Show/Sample your designs
  • We create a strategy to implement your designs/look within one of our campaigns
  • We create a presentation to an audience
  • We will discuss expectations for production and exposure
  • We plan for design development
  • We will execute

CydeClops Productions Fashion defines our look. Designers eager to get a face to their product will easily fit into a strategy dedicated to bring in an audience...

What our audience sees is your look!!