CydeClops Productions Marketing is developed from the minute we sit and discuss with our clients their specific needs and goals. We share in the beliefs, philosophies, and strategies that we follow with our clients in order to help them understand that our motives go beyond getting them exposed.

Our Marketing Philosophies
  • Strategy
    • From research and discovery, we will find key elements that we can build a story with, create your brand, and build loyal brand participants. Out of the understanding of client customers, comes your brand promise - what truly makes your brand stand out.
  • Creative Development
    • Want to make consumers purchase? Go out of your way to say and do the more meaningful things for consumers with a word or gesture to bring emotion. When we reach within our clients, we will create inspiration and incite reaction with their consumers.
  • Mass Media
    • We provide a custom fit structure to make our clients stand out through various reach and media. Whether planning, buying, creating value, or strengthening position, our team ensures all the details are worked out to our client satisfaction.
  • Public Relations
    • We build client credibility thru engaging stories, humanizing brands, taking products to the streets, and campaigns that establish leadership.
  • Social Outlook
    • We will challenge our clients into defining their business relationship with consumers that are loyal to their brand. What they say, believe, and do must benefit the lives of their company and their consumers. We bridge the gap between the value of profit and people.
Our Marketing Tools
  • Digital
    • Combine social, widget and interactive technologies into customized marketing platforms to deliver cutting-edge fan experiences.
  • Influential Connections
    • Strong relationships with Mass Media gives clients the multimedia that reaches millions of existing and potential consumers.
  • Editorial Reach and Focus
    • Secures reviews, features and other coverage via an ever-expanding database of 1000+ music, entertainment and lifestyle websites.
  • Exposure at the Fan Level
    • Places streaming a/v, mp3 downloads and editorial coverage in blogs and podcasts, putting clients in the hands of online tastemakers.
  • Publicity and News
    • Knowledge extends from coordinating contests and giveaways to setting up events and breaking your news.
  • Online Advertising A-Z
    • Implement and manage advertising campaigns from asset creation to click-through for maximum efficiency and impact.